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Gwyneth Shepherd
Vital statistics
Age 16
Status Alive (Immortal)
Physical attributes
Hair color Raven Black
Eye color Blue
Family members
The Circle of Twelve
Position 12th
Gemstone Ruby
Animal Raven
Tree Birch
Alchemy Equivalent Projectio
Musical Note G

Gwyneth Sophia Elizabeth Shepherd (b. October 7th, 1994) also affectionately called Gwenny and Gwen, is the biological daughter of Paul de Villiers and Lucy Montrose, but was later adopted by Grace, Lucy's aunt, and Nicolas Shepherd, Grace's husband. She is the Ruby in the Circle of Twelve, and twelfth in the Circle of Blood.

Biography Edit

Gwyneth Shepherd was born on October 7, 1994, to Paul de Villiers and Lucy Montrose, but was later adopted by Grace and Nicolas Shepherd. She was born same day as her cousin Charlotte, and the prophesied date of a time traveler, the Ruby. But the midwife Dawn Heller faked her birth date to October 8th at the request of her adopted parents, Grace and Nicolas Shepherd. No one suspected Gwyneth to be a carrier of the time travel gene, so she grew up with a typical childhood. At 16 years, it was discovered that Gwyneth was the last in a group of twelve time travelers, the Ruby.

The RubyEdit

Gwyneth is the Ruby, the twelfth in the Circle of Twelve. Her animal is the raven, her tree is the birch, and her alchemic quality is projectio.

The Ruby was to be born on October 7th, Gwyneth's birthday. This date was determined through an unnamed process many years before.

The prophecy for the Ruby is:

The raven red, on ruby pinions winging
it's way between worlds, hears dead men singing.
it scarce knows its strength, the price it scarce knows
but its power will arise and the Circle will close


She was assumed to be the daughter of Nicolas and Grace Sheperd, but was later revealed to be the daughter of Lucy Montrose (who was assumed to be her cousin) and Paul de Villiers. She is the niece of Glenda Montrose. She is the cousin of Charlotte. She is the granddaughter of Arista Montrose and Lord Lucas Montrose. She is the descendent of Margaret Tilney, Jeanne de Pontcarré, Ceciilia Woodville, and Elaine Burghley.

  • Grace Shepherd: Gwyneth's adopted mother and her biological great-aunt. They have a close, intricately woven relationship.
  • Nicolas Shepherd: Gwyneth's adopted father. Nothing is known about their relationship, as he died of leukemia when Gwyneth was ten years old.
  • Lucy Montrose: Gwyneth's biological mother. She was also a time traveler (the Sapphire) and disappeared into the past shortly after Gwyneth's birth.
  • Paul de Villiers: Gwyneth's biological father. He was also a time traveler (Black Tourmaline) and disappeared into the past shortly after Gwyneth's birth.
  • Caroline Shepherd and Nick Shepherd: The younger siblings of Gwyneth. They are biologically first cousins one removed.
  • Arista Montrose: The adoptive grandmother and biological great-grandmother.


Gwyneth has a will harder than diamond unless you're talking about Gideon de Villers. She is never the one to follow someone else unless that person is someone who she holds in high regard. Gwen is a true friend in the sense of she is always there for people when they need her. While she may not have as much knowledge as many other characters, she is still quite wise. Gwyneth also tends to be a little stubborn about things, and won't allow anyone to toy with her and get away with it…she's very kind hearted unless you do her wrong. She tends to get impressed easy and even easier when her heart gets involved. She's curious and likes to get down to the bottom of things and won't stop thriving until she finds all the answers to her questions.

Ruby RedEdit

As the book opens, Gwen is complaining about how she always manages to get food on her uniform as she hurries to button up her school blazer. After having a run in with the school's popular girl, Cynthia, Gwyneth compares herself to her cousin Charlotte, the female gene carrier from a long line of time travelers. She then remarks about how easily Charlottle has accepted the time traveling gene while she wouldn't have been as passive.

After lunch, she and her best friend Lesley compare their A minus grades on their history test as they watch Charlotte receive another A plus. She then goes on to talk about Mr. Whitman and how every girl seems to be in love with him even though because of her best friend, she thinks he looks like a squirrel. While an arguement starts out between Gordon(See Gordon Gelderman), Charlotte begins to have a dizzy fit. Gwyneth quickly huddles her out of the classroom and walks her through the hallways as she comes face to face with her ghost friend James. Charlotte's dizziness turns out to be phantom symptom.

Relationships Edit

Gideon de Villiers Edit

Gwyneth and Gideon's relationship is tumultuous at first.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The character's name is originally "Gwendolyn" in German.

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