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This article is about editions with cover arts different from the original German publication; for a complete list of international release, see Ruby Red trilogy#Publishers.
The cover art for each book of the Ruby Red trilogy is cohesive within the same edition. Throughout the years, there are several different editions within different countries.
  • Abbreviations:
    • HC: hardcover
    • PB: paperback
    • E: eBook

Germany Edit

  • The original German books are published by Arena.
  • The trilogy's official title is Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten, but is more commonly know as Edelstein-Trilogie.
HC/PB/E covers

China Edit

France Edit

  • Published by: Milan
  • Known as: Although commonly labeled as Trilogie des Gemmes on various sources,[1][2] Milan labeled it as Série Rouge rubis.[3][4]

Indonesia Edit

  • Published by: Elex Media Komputindo
  • Known as: Time Travel Trilogy
PB covers


PB covers (tankōbon1)
PB covers (bunkobon2)

Korea Edit

  • Published by: 영림카디널
  • Known as: 시간을 여행하는 소녀
PB covers

Poland Edit

PB covers

Taiwan Edit

  • Published by: Crown Culture Corporation (皇冠文化出版有限公司)
  • Known as: 時空戀人
PB covers

United Kingdom Edit

  • The first book of the trilogy was published by Chicken House in the United Kingdom.

United States Edit

HC covers

References Edit

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